Find Me A Man

"Find Me A Man" follows the life of Randy Roy. Eight years ago, Randy lost her husband of 22 years, Bill, to a drunk driving accident. Since his passing, she has found it difficult to find any man that measures up. “Find Me A Man” explores the difficulties and humor that comes when trying to find love again in your 60s, in Topeka, Kansas.

Welcome To Slab City, USA

In 2012, visual artist John Sebelius journeyed to the RV community of Slab City, CA to create a traveling work of art. The residents of Slab City live on an abandoned military base turned squatter camp without power, water, or sewage disposal. Living amongst this unconventional American community he came to understand the meaning of the local phrase, 'the desert will provide'.

Searching At Strugis

In August 2010, visual artist John Sebelius traveled to South Dakota for the 70th Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. It was originally intended as a research trip to capture images of the American biker for a future series of drawings. From the footage of this event, Sebelius created a film exploring his experiences as an outsider amongst this unconventional American community.